We have extended our services in various domains in our service. We are the best in business when it comes to providing service to our clients. Our three services include:

AC Repair

AC repair is something that is required to be done every year. Our service includes cleaning the air filter of AC, refilling gas in the compressor, repairing parts of AC in case of damage and many other issues related to that. Our esteemed technicians are able people to do repairing work and make the machine up to the mark.

AC Installation

As you will purchase your AC or if you have decided to shift from one place to another, AC installation is a key issue. Though installation is a simple job to be done yet, it requires precision on the part of the technician especially while connecting the compressor to the duct carrying the coolant. If it is not fixed well, it may lead to leakage. We thus are experts in the installation of AC is a very affordable price, and also we are very punctual in our work.

AC Service

Servicing of Air Conditioner is a necessary part of running the AC correctly. We are punctual in providing our services. Many of our customers complain about irregularity in work and servicing and to ensure that we have our team that is very punctual in work and servicing.

We provide AC repair in Noida covering all the sectors. Apart from Noida, we also do AC repair in Delhi. Our office is situated in Karol Bagh Delhi. Thus our clients will benefit from timely work. Lastly, we also do AC repair in Ghaziabad thus covering the whole of Delhi NCR.